PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – braid – fully nude.


Head First

Baths aren’t just for getting clean – watch me get dirty with a shower head! I start off simply letting the water flow over my pussy lips, fluttering like a butterfly in the soft stream. Slowly, I begin to press the head up against my cunt, which swells deep pink with arousal. But I’m a naughty girl after all, and I can’t help but attempt to shove the whole shower into my tiny slit. I wince as I try to take it in, but my pussy is just so tight that it won’t quite fit – although I certainly had a good time trying to make it!

Slippery When Wet

Spy on me in the shower – I like being watched! I shake my little ass and press my body up against the glass door as I wash and condition my waist-length, naturally blonde hair. Once I’ve rinsed myself clean, I use the handheld showerhead on my pussy (and get a little turned on in the process!).