Side Blow

A straightforward blow job clip – watch me suck my dildo in sideview! I try to fit the whole thing down my throat and gag on it. This was one of the first clips I ever made right after I’d just gotten my dildo. It’s since been put to very good use in all my holes!

Pump Action

Watch me try out my brand new nipple pumps for the first time! I narrate the experience, expressing nervousness and excitement. Once my small, pink nipples are properly suctioned, I pump them up until they’re red and engorged. I grab the camera to show of their enhanced puffiness. Once they’re good and erect, I produce a third pump and apply it to my already meaty clit and labia. I pump them up and then provide a close up view of my most sensitive parts filling the diameter of the clear tube. When I remove the pump, my pussy lips are a beautiful shade of deep crimson, verging on purple. I finish my experiment with a sweeping POV shot of my entire body and pretty face, flushed with the thrill of new experiences.


Deb Ball

I’m the naughtiest debutante you’ve ever seen! My polkadot dress and pearls perfectly contrast with the ball gag in my mouth and my slutty attitude. Listen to me try to talk – I’m a dribbling mess, but a classy one. I whip my pussy and tits with a leather riding crop and shake my little ass for you. I attach a pair of clamps to my nipples and a pair to my labia, then I get out my vibrator and begin tease my clit. I try to whip my pussy while vibing it, but it turns me on so much that I totally lose control and squirt all over myself! I orgasm several times in quick succession, sweaty, drooling, and completely satisfied.