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Live Show Recording: 11.24.2018

This is a live cam show recording from November 24, 2017. It contains spit play, smoking, fishnet stockings and costume, finger sucking and face fucking, tip-activated toy, oiling tits and pussy, ass paddling, glass dildo fuck, anal beads, and culminates with my first ever on-cam orgasm.

Custom: Loser Test

I want to test something out: I heard you get off on being humiliated, especially by a pretty girl like me. Is that true? Wow, I can already tell by the bulge in your pants that it is – what a freak! So I bet you’d really like it if I call you a loser and give you the finger. Yup, just as I though: that pathetic excuse for a bulge is growing. I can’t believe you’re actually into this – you really are a virgin!

Custom: Office Slave

Hello Boss: you probably don’t remember me but I was at that conference where you said some horrible, sexist things! I’d never felt more degraded in my life, and well… I loved it! I’ve heard the rumors you keep some agency girls on the payroll and I wanted to offer my body to the company. I’ll do it for free – just the thought of it makes me so wet… please, let me be the office sex slave!

Side Blow

A straightforward blow job clip – watch me suck my dildo in sideview! I try to fit the whole thing down my throat and gag on it. This was one of the first clips I ever made right after I’d just gotten my dildo. It’s since been put to very good use in all my holes!