Strictly Confidential

Attn CEO: your secretary is on fire! While working for the boss, I got so horny that I had to slip away to the office bathroom for a little naughty play time. I transform from a demure pussycat to a sultry sex kitten in my red hot dress and pearls. Flipping around my long, blonde hair, I tease my pussy through sheer pantyhose before ripping open the crotch and fingering myself. I twirl around on my porcelain throne with the grace of a ballerina and the mind of a stripper, posing in all sorts of provocative ways. At one point, I even remove my stiletto and fuck myself with its long, slender heel! I’m the dirty secretary of your dreams.


Head First

Baths aren’t just for getting clean – watch me get dirty with a shower head! I start off simply letting the water flow over my pussy lips, fluttering like a butterfly in the soft stream. Slowly, I begin to press the head up against my cunt, which swells deep pink with arousal. But I’m a naughty girl after all, and I can’t help but attempt to shove the whole shower into my tiny slit. I wince as I try to take it in, but my pussy is just so tight that it won’t quite fit – although I certainly had a good time trying to make it!


Talk To Me

They call me Officer Irresistible because I always get a confession. You’ll be no different – you’re going to talk. Sit back and watch me do my thing. I bet you never knew there were cops like me! I look like sex on legs with a shiny, silver badge and a big, black baton. If you think my baton looks like a cock, wait until you see where I put it! Eventually I get out a leather paddle and spank my ass, pussy, and tits. Then I give you the ultimate deal: confess and I’ll give you control of the paddle. You just can’t resist me!