Daddy’s Pet

I’m Daddy’s naughty, little pet! Watch me play with my toys in a tiger-striped bodystocking, leash and collar around my neck. I begin with my leather paddle, spanking my ass and pussy, which peeks out through a strategically placed crotch opening. Once I’m nice and rosy, I insert a butt plug into my asshole and spank myself some more. But Daddy’s pet likes pain, and so I trade out the plug for an even bigger one, wincing as a force it into my tiny asshole. Then I prepare my pussy for fucking by engorging my clit with a clit pump. My sensitivity increased, I fuck myself using a dildo and two different vibrators. Once I’m good and primed, I remove my butt plug and fuck my ass til I’m moaning and panting like the dirty fuckpet I am.

Strictly Confidential

Attn CEO: your secretary is on fire! While working for the boss, I got so horny that I had to slip away to the office bathroom for a little naughty play time. I transform from a demure pussycat to a sultry sex kitten in my red hot dress and pearls. Flipping around my long, blonde hair, I tease my pussy through sheer pantyhose before ripping open the crotch and fingering myself. I twirl around on my porcelain throne with the grace of a ballerina and the mind of a stripper, posing in all sorts of provocative ways. At one point, I even remove my stiletto and fuck myself with its long, slender heel! I’m the dirty secretary of your dreams.

French Laundry

PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – public – glasses – baseball hat – flashing – ass – tits – pussy.

Soft Focus

PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – natural light – glasses – baseball hat – yoga pants – braid – topless – flashing – pussy.

High Line

PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – ponytail – glasses – yoga pants – no bra – flashing – tits – pussy – ass.

New Wave

I got a new toy and decided to film my first time using it! The Rabbit slipped right into my tight, pink pussy, delivering powerful waves of vibration straight to my g-spot and clit. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop my cat from knocking over the camera, adding an authentically amateur blooper. At one point I grab the camera and hold it above me to create a POV perspective while I fuck myself fast and hard with my new favorite toy. I definitely give the Rabbit 5 stars!



I see you checking out my ass – want a better look? I hike up my skirt so you can see my bare pussy and ass up close. Look at how badly they beg to be fucked! My tight asshole is a target for your cock and I want you to get a¬†bullseye. I need my ass to be stretched out by your big, fat dick, and I need it now. I’m driven wild by desire. Please, baby, fuck me in ass!

Saturday School

I’ve been a naughty school girl! I got a detention for smoking in the bathroom, and I have to serve it on a Saturday! I arrive wearing my uniform and pigtails with a big iced coffee in hand. I take out my textbook and notes and begin to work when I notice there aren’t any teachers around. So I do what earned me a detention in the first place and light up a cigarette! But I get bored of smoking and instead begin to caress my inner thigh. I put down my schoolwork and spread my legs so I can focus my full attention on my bare pussy (of course I’m not wearing any underwear!). I work my fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt and lift my shirt to show off my small, pink tits. When the teacher’s away, Dallara will play!

In The Pines

While out for a walk, I got incredibly horny and decided to strip off my bottoms so I could play with my pussy. Just off the road, I settled into the treeline for a bit of naughty fun! Anyone driving by would’ve been able to see my bare pussy, which turned me on even more. I couldn’t help but face the road in hopes of someone catching a quick glimpse…