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Live Show Recording: 11.24.2018

This is a live cam show recording from November 24, 2017. It contains spit play, smoking, fishnet stockings and costume, finger sucking and face fucking, tip-activated toy, oiling tits and pussy, ass paddling, glass dildo fuck, anal beads, and culminates with my first ever on-cam orgasm.

Too Much

This is a failed custom attempt: the request was for fifteen minutes of straightforward dildo pounding. However, I’d just performed ten camshows in twelve days, and my pussy was tender and swollen from all the attention. My grimaces are genuine, as is my enjoyment. After only six minutes though, I had to tap out – it was just too much for me!

Custom: Kick Off

I’m mad as hell, and all I want to do is kick some loser’s head off! I may be a delicate, little thing in stiletto heels and a short skirt, but my impossibly long legs pack quite a punch. Not only do I high kick like a Rockette, but I violently knee right at crotch level. My sheer, white panties peek out each time I swing up. After several minutes I’m sweating and panting, my thighs on fire with lactic acid, but I push through the pain, letting out grunts of anger. Don’t get in my way or you’ll be decapitated by a swift kick to the head.