Live Show Recording: 11.24.2018

This is a live cam show recording from November 24, 2017. It contains spit play, smoking, fishnet stockings and costume, finger sucking and face fucking, tip-activated toy, oiling tits and pussy, ass paddling, glass dildo fuck, anal beads, and culminates with my first ever on-cam orgasm.

Pump Action

Watch me try out my brand new nipple pumps for the first time! I narrate the experience, expressing nervousness and excitement. Once my small, pink nipples are properly suctioned, I pump them up until they’re red and engorged. I grab the camera to show of their enhanced puffiness. Once they’re good and erect, I produce a third pump and apply it to my already meaty clit and labia. I pump them up and then provide a close up view of my most sensitive parts filling the diameter of the clear tube. When I remove the pump, my pussy lips are a beautiful shade of deep crimson, verging on purple. I finish my experiment with a sweeping POV shot of my entire body and pretty face, flushed with the thrill of new experiences.

Daddy’s Pet

I’m Daddy’s naughty, little pet! Watch me play with my toys in a tiger-striped bodystocking, leash and collar around my neck. I begin with my leather paddle, spanking my ass and pussy, which peeks out through a strategically placed crotch opening. Once I’m nice and rosy, I insert a butt plug into my asshole and spank myself some more. But Daddy’s pet likes pain, and so I trade out the plug for an even bigger one, wincing as a force it into my tiny asshole. Then I prepare my pussy for fucking by engorging my clit with a clit pump. My sensitivity increased, I fuck myself using a dildo and two different vibrators. Once I’m good and primed, I remove my butt plug and fuck my ass til I’m moaning and panting like the dirty fuckpet I am.

French Laundry

PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – public – glasses – baseball hat – flashing – ass – tits – pussy.

Soft Focus

PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – natural light – glasses – baseball hat – yoga pants – braid – topless – flashing – pussy.

High Line

PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – ponytail – glasses – yoga pants – no bra – flashing – tits – pussy – ass.


PHOTOSET – unedited – no filter – no makeup – braid – fully nude.


COY Рunedited Рno filter Рno makeup Рglasses Рbaseball hat Рponytail  Рtanlines Рtopless Рpussy flash.

New Wave

I got a new toy and decided to film my first time using it! The Rabbit slipped right into my tight, pink pussy, delivering powerful waves of vibration straight to my g-spot and clit. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop my cat from knocking over the camera, adding an authentically amateur blooper. At one point I grab the camera and hold it above me to create a POV perspective while I fuck myself fast and hard with my new favorite toy. I definitely give the Rabbit 5 stars!