Live Show Recording: 11.24.2018

This is a live cam show recording from November 24, 2017. It contains spit play, smoking, fishnet stockings and costume, finger sucking and face fucking, tip-activated toy, oiling tits and pussy, ass paddling, glass dildo fuck, anal beads, and culminates with my first ever on-cam orgasm.

Daddy’s Pet

I’m Daddy’s naughty, little pet! Watch me play with my toys in a tiger-striped bodystocking, leash and collar around my neck. I begin with my leather paddle, spanking my ass and pussy, which peeks out through a strategically placed crotch opening. Once I’m nice and rosy, I insert a butt plug into my asshole and spank myself some more. But Daddy’s pet likes pain, and so I trade out the plug for an even bigger one, wincing as a force it into my tiny asshole. Then I prepare my pussy for fucking by engorging my clit with a clit pump. My sensitivity increased, I fuck myself using a dildo and two different vibrators. Once I’m good and primed, I remove my butt plug and fuck my ass til I’m moaning and panting like the dirty fuckpet I am.

Saturday School

I’ve been a naughty school girl! I got a detention for smoking in the bathroom, and I have to serve it on a Saturday! I arrive wearing my uniform and pigtails with a big iced coffee in hand. I take out my textbook and notes and begin to work when I notice there aren’t any teachers around. So I do what earned me a detention in the first place and light up a cigarette! But I get bored of smoking and instead begin to caress my inner thigh. I put down my schoolwork and spread my legs so I can focus my full attention on my bare pussy (of course I’m not wearing any underwear!). I work my fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt and lift my shirt to show off my small, pink tits. When the teacher’s away, Dallara will play!


Talk To Me

They call me Officer Irresistible because I always get a confession. You’ll be no different – you’re going to talk. Sit back and watch me do my thing. I bet you never knew there were cops like me! I look like sex on legs with a shiny, silver badge and a big, black baton. If you think my baton looks like a cock, wait until you see where I put it! Eventually I get out a leather paddle and spank my ass, pussy, and tits. Then I give you the ultimate deal: confess and I’ll give you control of the paddle. You just can’t resist me!