Head First

Baths aren’t just for getting clean – watch me get dirty with a shower head! I start off simply letting the water flow over my pussy lips, fluttering like a butterfly in the soft stream. Slowly, I begin to press the head up against my cunt, which swells deep pink with arousal. But I’m a naughty girl after all, and I can’t help but attempt to shove the whole shower into my tiny slit. I wince as I try to take it in, but my pussy is just so tight that it won’t quite fit – although I certainly had a good time trying to make it!

Pleasure Principle

My body was made for pleasure! Wearing a skintight miniskirt and hot pink high heels, I pose seductively, flipping around my long, blonde ponytail. Doggy-style, I teasingly raise my hemline to show that I’m not wearing any panties and my pink pussy is bare on display. I spin around and lie back, spreading my legs wide apart and stimulating my clit with a vibrator. Soon I take out a dildo and fuck my pussy hard and deep. When I’m close to climax, I reposition the camera so that my pussy fills the entire frame. Milky white cum drips out of my blushing cunt as I experience the sweet pleasure of a big orgasm.

Simulated Love

Pretend the dildo is your dick: I start off riding you reverse cowgirl, my pert ass bouncing up and down. Watch how my wet pussy lips grip you tightly. I flip over and spread my legs wide so I can get fucked deep in my pussy. Once your dick is good and wet from my cum, I shove it into my tiny asshole, wincing in pain as you stretch me out. You fuck my ass fast and hard and then pull out to leave me gaping. I spread my asshole wide so you can see right inside me, and I beg for you to fuck me more. It’s hard not to love me!