Thanks for visiting my site! I’m Dallara, and this is my little slice of heaven. Here’s where you can keep up with everything I do. But first, a little bit about me…

I’m all-natural. Hair, nails, lips, teeth, nose, breasts – everything is 100% me. I’ve never undergone a cosmetic procedure. I never edit, filter, or Photoshop any of my pictures or videos. What you see is what you get – if you ever met me in person, I’d look exactly like, if not better than I do online.

Not only am I beautiful, but brilliant, too. Want to capture my interest? Challenge me – make me think. Be pretentious and talk philosophy. Test me. Try to offend me, and please be creative. I’m a true switch. I like to dominate and be dominated. I get off on pain, and I love having power.

Am I vain? Yes. But is it warranted? Absolutely! I’m the dream girl you never knew actually existed – the perfect combination of looks, intelligence, and emotional stability. I like racecars, war stories, and hooking up with other girls. I dislike complainers, narrow-minded people, and Dave Matthews Band. With me, there’s never any drama – positive vibes only! If an angel exists, her name is Dallara.