2019 MV Awards

It’s time for the annual MV Awards!


The MV Awards are an opportunity for fans to vote for their favorite MV Stars in a number of different categories.

Contest Schedule

Voting runs January 8th at 11:00am thru January 19th at 10:00pm EST

Winners are awarded crowns which remain on their ManyVids profiles forever – not only is it an honor and an achievement to win a title, but it also provides valuable exposure and publicity.


This is the first Awards in which I have an opportunity to compete, and fittingly, I’ll be vying for the title of MV Rising Star of the Year:

“Given to the MV Star who has been on MV for over 6 months and has bloomed the most and will continue to thrive! The one to watch!”

Think I fit that description? Then vote for me – it’s 100% free! Here’s how:

  1. If you don’t have one already, create a free member account – no credit card required!
  2. Once you’re logged in, visit my profile and click “Vote For Me” to be taken to my contest entry.
  3. You can also link to my entry directly using this url: dallaralive.com/vote
  4. One vote is allowed per member per day, which means you may vote 12 times in total!

While it’s absolutely free to vote, you have the option of including a tip – this constitutes a paid vote. Paid votes count as multiple votes in proportion to the amount tipped, so the more you tip, the higher I rank!


Why vote?

I’m offering a number of AMAZING deals that you can only get by voting in this particular contest – they won’t be available in future contests, so I recommend you take full advantage of them now! Here they all are:


$5 – Any 1 vid (excluding live show)
$10 – Live show recording
$15 – 50% off MV Crush (1 year)
$20 – Lifetime premium snap
$25 – 50% off vids (1 year)
$30 – Daily greeting (1 month)
$35 – All photosets
$40 – 50% off customs (1 year)
$45 – Vid feat. your name (5 min)
$50 – 1 hour phone call
$55 – Unpublished pic folder
$60 – Daily greeting w/ pic (1 month)
$65 – 30 minute Skype show
$70 – Unpublished vid folder
$75 – 1 free vid per month (1 year)
$80 – Creamy panties (US only)
$85 – All future vids free (1 year)
$90 – 1 hour Skype show
$95 – Camera roll (1,000+ pics)
$100 – All vids!!!

Paying voters can compete to win special titles and receive extra prizes! There are three possible titles you can win:


King Tipper

Awarded to whoever tips the largest amount in total votes.


High Tipper

Awarded to whoever tips the largest amount in a single vote.



Awarded to anyone who votes every day (twelve votes in total).

Prizes will be generous and tailored to suit the individual winners – may include videos, photosets, custom content, messaging, and more!

In addition, every paid vote ($5 minimum) enters you into a raffle to win your choice of any twenty vids:

1 ticket = $5
Multiple entries are allowed.

I’ll provide even more rewards depending on how high I finish. These are meant to benefit everyone – work together as a team to reap more rewards for all!


☆Top 1000☆ – 50% off all store items for 1 month (excluding premium snap & cock ratings)
☆Top 500☆ – 50% off all store items and all vids for 1 month (excluding premium snap, cock ratings, and live show recording)
☆Top 250☆ – Everyone who submitted a paid vote receives their choice of any 1 vid free (excluding live show recording)
☆Top 100☆ – Everyone who submitted a paid vote receives lifetime access to my premium snap (if you already have access, receive your choice of any 5 vids free)
☆Top 50☆ – I’ll upload an HD cumshow to MV Tube available for free unlimited streaming
☆Top 5☆ – All of the above, plus High & King Tippers receive my entire vid collection!

If you’re unable to pay, you can still contribute to my goals by promoting me. Simply download my promotional banner and post it anywhere you think may generate traffic!


I only ask that you do not crop the image in any way, and if you post it on social media, please tag me (see links).

Measures 1024×512 pixels
Twitter Optimized

Thank you so much to all voters – your support means the world to me. I genuinely could not do this without you!